How to play Hot646 Catalog?

How to play Hot646 card Tagalog? Do you want to play a fun card game? Exciting and full of comfort? Choose UNO! It is an American shedding-type card game produced by Mattel. Each card from the deck is beautifully printed and special.

How to play Hot646 card Tagalog?

Each player starts with seven cards. To join, players must have a card that is the same or similar to the one placed on the previous table at the table. The first to remain without cards or the first to run out wins the match. Read the tips and guidelines below to familiarize yourself with the said game. Here are the step by step steps on how to play it.


Shuffle all the cards well, it’s 108 cards. Shuffle the cards and deal seven cards to each player. After the participants have been dealt seven cards, ask everyone to leave their hands. If everyone has their cards, you can place the rest of the deck in the middle of the table. Players who need to think and take their time when spinning cards here. Place or discard the first card in the deck to begin the game. Place that first card next to the deck, it should be face up. You need to place your own table with the same number or color as the one lying on the deck.

On the left, the player starts and can discard a card whose number, symbol or color is the same as the last discard. Tell him that the card needs to be placed on top of that pile. Then, the next person can play as well. Example: If the first card in that set is blue and has the number 8, you can play another card with the same symbol or a similar color. Draw or take a card from the deck or set in reserve if there is no you are the one who matches the cards on the table. If it’s your turn and you still have nothing left, take or draw another card from the deck.

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Say it right away if you have the perfect number, symbol or color, or keep it if it’s not yet contested. If you still can’t match the cards you’re holding, move on to the next round. Pay attention to special and action cards. In addition to the main cards, UNO also had three special cards. If you use a special card, you can choose the color on the next turn. The “Reverse” card has two arrows and opposite directions. If your one card is “Skip”, represented by a half circle.

How to match cards on Hot646?

To match a card in the discard pile, you need to make sure your card has the same color, number, or symbol. For example, if the card in the Discard pile is one that is blue and has the number six, you must have a card that is either blue or has the number six. If you are unlucky, you can also get a chance at the Wild Card and change the color.

What if you don’t have matching cards? Or if you have a good match but want to save it? This is possible, but you have to draw a card from the Draw pile. Next, the next person will sit down to take his turn.

What are Action cards in Hot646 game?

Cards with symbols are called action cards, they appear on Hot646 to make things more interesting than simply matching numbers and colors (but this also makes the game complicated). In the new deck, we have seven Action cards. These are the ones:

Skip or Skip: This is the call where the player has to skip his turn. You can only use a Skip card if the color matches or if you use it against another Skip card. If it appears at the beginning of the game, whoever is to the left of the dealer loses their turn. Reverse: If your game is clockwise the Reverse card forces the players to go counter-clockwise.

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It can also be played with a card of the same suit or with another Reverse card. If it comes out right at the start of the game, instead of going left, the player goes right. Draw Two: This action card is very painful because when it comes out, the next player has to draw two cards and surrender his next turn. It can only be played with a card of the same color as it is or with a similar Draw Two card.

Wild: This is called a magic card. It can be played in all four suits and can be combined with any card class! You just say the color you want for the next player to stay. Wild Draw Four: This is the card with a twist. The next player must also draw four additional cards and surrender his turn. The must be tand if it is: You will not have alternative cards to play that match the color of the card. If an opponent accuses you of cheating or lying, another player can challenge you to reveal your card, giving you four cards. If you are not guilty, the other player must draw six cards.

If it appears at the beginning of the game, it must be returned to the pile, and the pile must be shuffled before continuing the game. Wild Swap Hands: This is the card that will help you to swap cards with any player of your choice. . This is a strong move if you think someone is going to win. There’s only one Wild Swap Hands card in a deck, so if you get one, you’re very lucky!


Wild Customizable: These cards are for fun rules that you want to make and if you get them you are very lucky. There are three of these cards in a deck. You fill out these cards before the game starts, and everyone has to agree on the rules before writing them down.

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How to play online?

Aren’t Hot646 Cards entertaining? Now we know how to play it. It’s also a trend online because people don’t go out much anymore. That’s why most people have fun and entertain themselves more often at home.

If you want to play card games, you can just download them from your Apps Store or Play store of your mobile phones. It is entertaining and a good pastime.